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I must be ee-mo
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2nd-Jul-2006 01:15 am - D:
Arashi: 5x5 for dream
I am so emo because these mosquito bites are killing me. They are growing and taking over my arm until it is going to become one giant mosquito bite omfg whut?

Rihanna's SOS is so catchy but I don't like her so that makes me emo too. WTF. D:


Translation: I have to pee really bad but all the bathrooms are taken.


Translation: I need a plastic butter knife because Soapie hasn't updated PotC SN!style.

I must be ee-mo.
14th-Jun-2006 11:27 pm(no subject)
Dear diary,

Today, I went to the mall to get myself really tight shirts. I found a great dark purple one, extra-small, in the kid's section. Then, I went to the food floor and I cried over the hamburgers and hotdogs because all I could see were like...the dead spirits of the painfully innocent animals they used to be. After smudging my mascara, I went to get a fortune cookie and sobbed when I saw a dumpling.

;~; ::sobsobsob:: ;~;

I smashed the fortune cookie open like the unbearable pressure of this falsely pretty world. I flicked the crumbled pieces away because even though my pants would be tighter if I gained a bit more weight, it's so much more emo not to eat this world's subtle poisons. My fortune cookie said that...like..."a storm is ahead". These words..they like...enter my soul so deeply. Words are incredible. I was so profoundly touched, like so deep....so so deep, you know. Almost like when Ohno fucks me real deep and I feel like the connection might be too much to bare anymore. Anyway, that kind of deep. And it moved me so painfully so that I decided to write words all over my walls with this DARK red lipstick. Like...the words that I'm writing right now are making me cry. CRY. CRY IS SUCH A SOBBINGLY BEAUTIFUL WORD.

I want to go in my corner and scratch Ohno's name with my black polished nails.
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